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Check out these Cool Mobile Apps

We’ve taken the time to roundup cool mobile apps that support our mission: Lifestyle Freedom and Financial Independence. Let us know if you know of other cool apps that support that mission.

Cool Mobile App for managing passwordsaMemoryJog Password Manager

Keep all your passwords, account numbers and other easy to forget information organized. Seamlessly syncs with web edition. Read My Review
Download for iPhone  |  Web Edition

Cool mobile app for tracking your cycling ridesRuntastic Road Bike PRO

If you love cycling, you will love this app. It tracks your ride, displays miles traveled, speed, elevation change, heart rate and more. After 2 years, it shows that I’ve cycled 2,668 miles! Read my Review
Download for iPhone  |  Android

Cool mobile apps for tracking your golf scoresGolf GPS

I golf several times a week and cannot imagine not having this app. It shows me distance to hole, tracks my scores, and provides tons of stats about my golf game. Also tracks my handicap. Read my Review
Download for iPhone

Cool mobile app for workout enthusiastsFitness Buddy

It’s a good to switch your workout routine around monthly so your muscles don’t get used to certain exercises. This app creates new routines and shows you how to execute each exercise.
Download for iPhone   |  Android

MinecraftCool mobile app game

I love playing this game when I am just relaxing and chilling. It features infinite worlds, caves, biomes, mobs, villages, custom skins, fishing, boats, and lots more.
Download for iPhone  |  Android

Any do

Here’s a cool way to manage your to-do list and grocery lists. It is very user-friendly, swipe down to add an item, swipe right to complete an item and shake to erase completed items. Very cool. Read my Review
Download for iPhone  |  Android

Cool mobile app to make selfies look greatFacetune

Professional photographers use tools like Photoshop to make pictures of people look like models. Use this app to retouch and add artistic flair to selfies and portraits with ease.  Read my Review
Download for iPhone  |  Android

Evernote IconEvernote

Replace all your sticky notes and miscellaneous scribblings into easy-to-organize notes using Evernote.  Read my Review
Download for iPhone  |  Android


Make video calls, message your friends or connect to each other’s laptops using Skype.  Read my Review
Download for iPhone  |  Android

aMemoryJog - Best Password Manager for iPhone

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