aMemoryJog Web Password Management

Want to access your personal information while at your tablet or computer? Need to import data from a spreadsheet or other program?

Phone get lost or stolen? Use the web edition's Remote Self-Destruct feature to erase the aMemoryJog information from your phone (you can restore it later).

The web edition seamlessly syncs with the aMemoryJog iPhone password manager app and supports languages other than English.

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Password Manager puts all your data at your fingertipsOnce you have stored your information inside this web based password manager, you can retrieve it at anytime using any browser.  That can be from your PC, Mac, or tablet (iPad, Samsung or any other brand that has a web browser). aMemoryJog is also available as an iPhone app.

This places all your personal information at your fingertips.

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Manage More than just passwords with your Password ManagerPassword managers are great for managing passwords in a central location but did you know that you can manage much more than just passwords? 

With aMemoryJog, you can manage anything you need to track.  Imagine tracking your bank account routing and account numbers, passwords, frequent flyer accounts, hotel loyalty account numbers, college accounts, PIN numbers, credit cards, insurance cards, memberships, WiFi logins, passports, driver's license numbers and notes of any type.

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Features of aMemoryJog Password Manager App for iPhoneSYNC TO ALL YOUR DEVICES

Never worry about where you change your information.  If you change it using a web browser, the same information will show up on your tablet, smartphone and other devices; vice versa.

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Restore deleted items from your Recycle BinAnytime you delete an item, it automatically gets moved to the Recycle Bin. This allows you to recover any deleted item so that you don't lose any critical information you mistakenly deleted.

The Recycle Bin shows you each item that was deleted and when it was deleted. From here, you can restore one or more items or permanently delete one or more items by emptying your recycle bin.

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Remote self-destruct featureLet's say that your iPhone get stolen or lost and you don't want your
personal information to fall into the wrong hands. No worries, just log into the web edition and access the Remote Self-Destruct feature.

When set, the next time aMemoryJog is logged into on your iPhone, it will automatically erase all of the aMemoryJog data on the iPhone to prevent unauthorized access. It first  backs the information up to the cloud so that you can later restore it once you recover or purchase a new iPhone.  Get Your Free Trial


Generate Strong Passwords using your Password ManagerWhen adding or editing an item, you can automatically generate a password that is 6, 10, or 14 characters.  

Generated passwords include a number, special character and one or more 4 character words to make it easier to remember.  Get Your Free Trial


Single click a website address and copy the userid or passwordOnce you have stored a website address, userid, and password, you can copy those into your cllpboard to allow you to paste them into the website login form.

This prevents you from having to re-type the userid or password and provides a simple way to launch a web page into a new window of your browser.  Get Your Free Trial


Multi language support and other settings If English is not your native language, no worries.  We support many different languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.  We also offer an English (Funny) setting that adds a little personality to the messages shown when using the software.

In addition to multiple language support, you can configure the software to automatically logout after a certain number of minutes, set your desired password strength, mask passwords to prevent prying eyes from seeing them on your screen, and change your password, name and other personal information. Get Your Free Trial

Import and Export Data into aMemoryJog Password ManagerIMPORT AND EXPORT

If you are currently using another password manager and wish to switch to aMemoryJog, you don't want to have to re-type your data. 

Instead, you can export your data from your existing password manager in comma separated value (CSV) format, then import it into aMemoryJog. This process is very easy and allows you full control over the data being imported by allowing you to map each field of data.

If you ever wish to save the data from aMemoryJog into a spreadsheet, you can quickly export it.  Get Your Free Trial