#ArticleOfTheDay: Yeah, My Life is Awesome! I’m a Rock Star. You Should Take Notes (by Lesley Carter)

Today’s Article was written by Lesley Carter, a blogger that I have mad respect for. I have been following her blog for about a year now and reading about all of her travels to cool and unique destinations. Her blog is Bucket List Publications — at the beginning of each year she makes a list of bucket list items to check off by the end of the year. She normally completes her bucket list in the 4th quarter of each year.

Her latest blog was really inspiring. It unveiled raw emotions about her life, her struggles and how haters on the internet attempt to derail your happiness.

Without further ado, here is Lesley’s blog entitled “Yeah, My Life is Awesome! I’m a Rock Star. You Should Take Notes“: http://bit.ly/ZUbxF8

Lesley Carter

Lesley Carter


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