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#ArticleOfTheDay: The 5 Practices That Bring Us Closer to Our True Selves

With a life that is rapid pace and hectic, it is really easy to lose sight of who we truly are. We serve others, we look after our kids, we worry about our parents, and we try to please others in hopes of building a better life. But at the end of the day we find that we really have not focused on ourselves enough.

Written by Julie Ostrowiski, today’s article of the day spotlights practices that we can do daily to bring us closer to who we really are.  My favorite tip is #5 because when you travel you are forced into a culture that is new and different than your own. It forces you to empathize with others and to realize that the American way of doing things is not the only way.

If I had one more practice to add this article, it would be to hang out with friends that you can totally be yourself with and not pretend that you are someone that you aren’t.

Without further ado, here is the full article: http://bit.ly/1uZ4wjV.

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Hopefully this article of the day was helpful to you. I would also like to hear your stories and understand what brings you back to your true self. Please leave a comment!