Password Manager for Web and iPhone

The best password manager is one that is secure, easy to use, and seamlessly syncs between devices. aMemoryJog fits the bill -- never forget account numbers, passwords, loyalty rewards, or any other personal information again. Access from your PC, Mac, iPhone or Tablet.

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  • aMemoryJog for the Web and iPhone -- A Perfect Compliment!

Features of aMemoryJog Password Manager App for iPhoneaMemoryJog for the iPhone

You probably carry your smart phone everywhere.

Access your passwords, accounts, loyalty cards, credit cards, Wi-Fi codes, and other personal information from your smart phone.

Checking into a hotel and forgot your loyalty card? Access it with the aMemoryJog password manager app.

Can't remember a website password? Pull up aMemoryJog on your iPhone and retrieve it.

Store easily forgotten things like your VIN number, tag numbers, passport information, and much more.

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aMemoryJog for the Web

aMemoryJog Password Management for the WebWant to access your personal information while at your tablet or computer?

Need to import data from a spreadsheet or other program?

Phone get lost or stolen? Use the web edition's Remote Self-Destruct feature to erase the aMemoryJog information from your phone (you can restore it later).

The web edition seamlessly syncs with the iPhone edition and supports other languages than English.

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